Publish a Module

How to publish

See Publish Dagger Modules to the Daggerverseopen_in_newin the Dagger docs for comprehensive instructions on publishing modules.

The Daggerverse is a place where you can share your modules and Dagger Functions with the Dagger community. They can be published manually to Daggerverse and are also published on use when a user runs dagger call.

To publish a module now, enter a module reference above in the following format, and then click Publish:


Daggerverse best practices

Ensuring your modules have great documentation and metadata is essential to making it easy for others to use.

Daggerverse looks for these things in your module's source code to generate your module's details page:

  • A short description
  • A long description
  • Descriptions for your Dagger Functions
  • A release: a semantic version, matching the pattern v1.2.3

  • A version: a Git SHA